5 Oct 2017

Ismail Omar, Malaysia at Witty Birds, a video

From time to time, I have a special surprise and pleasure. 

This Tuesday visiting Witty Birds, online toastmasters pre-charter club was another huge pleasure! And at my demand, Viviana Andrew, their VP PR, a long time pal from Malaysia send me this "Icebreaker" told by Ismail Omar DTM, who touched my heart. Ismail is also from Malaysia. His tales remained in my mind, they stuck, played in my mind like a movie. 

I asked to get if possible his stories, to be able to listen to them, again and again. As we go online, we learn other cultures, we get to know other wonderful people. In this case, a humble, creative, wonderful storyteller. Here they are for you now, too.

Richard Green, President
Yesterday, Wednesday, I went to Lewisham speakers, my London club and spoke about Time Management Pathways Project. Of course, we do not manage time: we manage how we spend it.

"What is urgent is not important, what is important is not urgent" I found that in the last book I read. Is it true? I am not so sure. But they liked it. Rhetoric sticks! And they liked the long pause at the beginning, after which I asked "Are you patient?" I am not! 

Today, I am rehearsing and creating my speech for tomorrow evening, at another pre-charter, this time all the way from New Zealand. Of course, as all Online clubs, world wide. 

Get to know each other also outside the online meeting is a special pleasure. We do not only message each other and write letters through email, but we also can meet through Zoom.

I got to know, thus Magda van Rooyen, Ablaze Advanced TM club President: she begun to read this blog, a month a day! 
I also got to know Kevin Broughton, Ablaze VP of Education: he already learned about Pathways more in March then I ever knew that time, and created a great video with all the information he found and very funny images. Tomorrow morning, more about that. 

Put the time aside. Saturday morning, in new Zealand and around it, Friday evening in London for me, afternoon only in USA or Canada. I will tell at Abaze about "my path" for them, followed by Questions and Answers.

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