3 Mar 2019

Anniversaries, beginnings

Facebook reminded me, that 2 years ago I discovered that Matthew Kleinosky joined Great Communicators, in the District 27, the second pilot district for pathways, me and Brian Dodd found out and begun to investigate how we could join too. 

From 3 March to end of March it took a few days to join but finally, both of us did. At a few days distance. I joined a week before 1st April, "in for a pound, in for a penny" (or inverse) and he joined in April for the new semester. We both remained, faithful, until - not the club but the company - we were kicked out. "No more members, that do now work here!" Both the club and us got lot from it. 

The club become President Distinguished because our hard work, all those who arrived from outside remote access, and us got an advance taste in Pathways and access to it.

Of course, from 3 March, or 25th March my actual joining, to today a lot happened. We had to be flexible, ready to persist through roadblock on our journey, persisting and, we did it at the same time as teeth hold tight, with joy in our heart and flexibility. Brian at the end had become President of the club, and me Secretary. 

As Secretary, I had no job other then study the Base camp manager duties. So when the time come, in July, I become Secretary in my London club, who got Pathways a year later. 

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