22 Mar 2019

Go inside the forest

A toastmaster, very critic of pathways, did not like that I questioned him if he already begun, wrote "I see the forest. You probably cannot see well, because of the trees".Used of someone who is too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole. 

Can one SEE and EXPERIENCE the forest from afar? Can one experience Pathways, without having begun, done, went through path and projects? Can one begin to taste, smell, feel the forest without having been inside it?

I suddenly become 5 years old, and was with my father, holding most of the time my hand, in the pin forest up the Carpathian mountains, near the place my grand parents lived. For me it remains a magical time. 

Yes, the small path had lots of trees but also some bushes that I had to avoid. It also had some specially good fruits, that I could taste, and a smell I would never forget. 

All in the forest was not as I was used to, and I had to adapt, to learn how to do things that in our flat would not have posed a problem. Using leaves, instead of paper. And do not mind a few scratches when I went too near some bushes. Go around some patches of water on the road. I come out from the forest, loving it forever. 

And with the memory of how wonderful it is when someone holds your hand.

Looking at the Pathways Education Program from afar, does not help to see it better! One has to go inside the forest, with all the tasty projects and all the perils and experience it. Yes, see the details. Hold each other hands when needed. Come out from time to time, happy and remembering how wonderful it is inside the forest, and enriched with all learned there.

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