9 Mar 2019

Presentation "After Icebreaker"

This is not about the Icebreaker, as in this new club, who asked me to tell them what comes after the Icebreaker, almost all did already Broke the Ice in another club then transferred to the village's new club.

I used old pictures, slides and new screen dumps, and Keynote that comes in my Macintosh, to create this special presentation. Gave it yesterday, through Zoom. 

Here is the recording. Around 30 minutes.

Did not cut the beginning, even if some intro of me was too much, not 100%, nor changed in the middle, when suddenly someone was calling me, needing a telephone advice about his contest speech. Alas, I cannot help two different people at the same time! He did call again an hour later, so we did finally speak about his contest speech (he got 2nd place).

I hope, that this video of my presentation could help some other newcomers to Pathways too, explaining mainly the mechanics or eventual problems in Level 1 or as we begun with Base Camp Projects online. 

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