30 Mar 2019

First Pathways Panel 2019

Organized by Michelle Alba-Lim, administrator of Pathways Discussion Forum, 7 panelists gathered, we had a respectable audience. 

The hour begun, after midnight my time, with Michelle showing a similar short bio image, for all seven of us. This one was for presenting me. At the bottom, are the Paths finished and the path I begun. Perhaps, one is missing, but we get the image in fact only when finished: I did finish only 5 so far, but am on different levels on others.

I begun Pathways because the Virtue of Patience not mine.
I continued first because I have the Value of Persistence. 
I titled my story "up close and personal" and tried to give it a funny slant.

My daily blog and moderating the Pathways discussion forum, now 8000 members, help each other as I got inspiration from questions posed there, read it almost all as a moderator, and write in this blog daily answers and impressions. 

Learned from other panelists. All very different. All speaking of some part of what they do. All active! Not easy in maximum 5 minutes with slides showing for some. 

Some expressions: 
"break down the barriers"; "crack the outside shell"; "been there seen that".

Once inside, and learned the "outside", most love what is in there. Some have problems I never encountered, as the video coming to slowly. As Basecamp disappearing : it must be the window hiding! 

I do hope, it does go better for you. Comment to ask questions here, or come to the facebook group and ask them. I am always happy to be "pathways detective" and discover, solve any problem that arrises. 

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