12 Mar 2019

Humor is a skill: can be learned at any age

Perhaps, I did already publish these books that I found in Kindle when I did my research project for E. Humor Level 1. Yes, I did have some of those already as books, but did not read them for long time. 

The one added here in plus, is a book I discovered not long ago: The Obstacle is the Way. When all goes well, there is nothing to tell about. No one loves someone coming on stage and boasting how great he is! How well he did! Or hearing a tale where all goes well.

Best to finish having got through bad times! Showing, not telling how it happened. 
"What does not kill you makes you stronger!

Remember it when complaining next time in the Pathways Discussion Group. Asking questions, finding answers is different. There is always someone there to answer, to discover from where your problems lie. We all have problems, they make up the best storytelling and comedy material. All depends how we look at it and how we use them.

Comedy can be learned. The books are great, and offer useful advice and exercises but nothing replaces practice. 

I was paid for "Pro" Personal Storytelling in Manchester by Grant Whisky company and spend in 2011 all the money I got to pay one after other, three Standup Comedy Workshop. The third workshop was with David Jones, a Toastmaster who won many District Table Topic first price and was a great teacher. 

Here is a link to the Showcase, my third showcase. About 100 Toastmasters in audience. Till I did not listen today, I forgot how wonderful audience they were! After that I went out alone, to one comedy club after other. I become, what is called a "Comedy Virgin". I asked around "how long do we remain virgins?" "For a while."

"Yes, at 77 I am a Virgin, but only of comedy. Men? I stopped counting after three."
In 2012 I begun to go also farther then London. Won a Comedy award in Leicester, and after that it was easier to get a slot, even had my name on some flyers. I stopped counting how many at 77. Only one was a great error: it was a pub of people hating foreigners. They booed me with my accent. The others? Wonderful and divers memories. 

On my facebook page, I succeeded to publish the Showcase and also one of my Workshops that I offered this time, in Tallinn at the invitation of Nordic Toastmasters. Meeting others is always a joy, as is "making them laugh". Not all audience laughs at same things of course, then we have to do as if we did not expect laughter and continue. They may also laugh at something unexpected, and then we add it in our routine. Try it out.

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