13 Mar 2019

Background and perception of others

When you meet online using Zoom video conferencing, you can use different backgrounds. 

Background is projected on what is called a "green screen". In many cases a green tissue. 

One can use many images uploaded easy from your desktop, some very complicated, like a garden, flowers or London telephone boots, or a ship. 

With time, we learn, at least some of us do, that simple backgrounds bring out our faces and do not distract the audience while we speak.

Here is my blue background with a blue tea-shirt, my face (and my hands when needed) stand out. And Carole's with black background and black tea-shirt, she just added a red motive near it. 

The background can be also changed and used as Timekeeper devices, using a green an amber and a red background.

Sometimes, simple is better. Even if not always. Some say "do you know, blue on blue does not show?" Of course, that IS the intent!

There is an interesting Project, at Level 2 of Strategic Relationship, called Cross Cultural Understanding. It is the only path where it is present. Tomorrow, I will tell a story of how my own stereotype, the perception of Americans, or some Americans at least, 40 years ago, about Hungarians and French helped me, instead of working against me when I arrived there, as single woman. It took me some time, to understand it !

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