21 Mar 2019

Celebration of 1 year at Lewisham Speakers

Why do I show it again? Login to toastmasters.org? For all the NEW members, who never yet logged in. Too see that if it is the first time, you are asked to tell “forgot my password” so they send you a link to your email from which you do give the password you want to use from now on.

Login to Toastmasters is necessary as it is the gate not only to Pathways but also to the new Navigator, that AFTER login, you can access from Pathways menu, and from almost the bottom of the choices there, THE NAVIGATOR. So much can be learned, from this Navigator!

Between all others, a lot about the possible Paths, all 11 of them, and their specific projects, furthermore all the possible Elective Projects, the projects from which we can choose. But also, as I told yesterday, to 5 new members, can Activate, Launch, Save or Print any of them, even if not speaking this time, in this path using those opened.

After the Lewisham Speakers meeting, my "brick and mortar" club, I come home happy: now ALL Committee members are "in" and the club is in good way of showing Pathways importance.

While before, we did not have enough speakers, yesterday 2 Icebreakers and 1 second speech of Evaluation and Feedback and all eager to sign up soon to give the other speakers, to learn more about Projects and Levels.

First, I was told, I can explain about pathways and show it through the projector the President did bring on his back, black rucksack, instead of one of the speakers. But he did arrive, last minute.

Then, I was told, speak and show during the break. We do have a 15 minute break after the Evaluations and before the Table Topics. There was noise. At the beginning we heard it, then the noise faded. Five eager newcomers around the projector, and as I did not know how to handle the Windows portable, one of them sit down and I just had to point to the wall, tell her what to do.

Even better! When doing, you remember. It was a great demo finally, good questions, and some come back to me also after our meeting, for further questions. One of the guest, joined. Eager new Toastmasters, a great Committee, a great team.

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