2 Mar 2019

Loosing someone, something

Nostalgia. I lost someone, fifteen years ago, but then I lost him again yesterday. Again.

It was not easy then, it is not even easy now after all that time without hearing anything from him.

We lived for about 15 years together, from me 55 and him 60 when we met, and we felt young again through our love affaire and marriage. Never too late!

Then we separated, finally even happy we stepped away, he for a third marriage, me, for taking up photography and blogging.
Loosing him now again, as I heard he died, at age 90 in Normandy is not easy even now. Even if I did not hear anything in these last fifteen years about or from him. 

One day, I went to discover the museum in Argenteuil. That day, it was closed. All I got is a photography I had taken of this chestnut in its courtyard. Memory of my childhood chestnut trees in the park and me playing with the beautiful brown chestnuts come back to me. 

I do understand those who have nostalgia for the "Traditional Education System" even when life goes on and goes farther. All of us remain with some nostalgia. Even if all memories where not good, we got also some great times. I went easy over them, because I got to the second Advanced Communication Gold, and stopped there. Then, in 2001=7, I was ready to go farther. Waiting just for the right occasion, that I found the 25 March. I jumped on it, and begun my Pathways journey. Remote access.

Each of us has its journey. We got good and bad and then once passing farther, it is up to us what we do remember. We grow, I do grow, by going farther, even if sometimes it hurt.

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