23 Mar 2019

Last contest

There are many beginnings and endings in my life. Today I spoke about an important end, no more going regularly to work.

I was 60 too young and feeling lost.

What to do? What was waiting for me around the corner? Was it anything ?

That was the beginning of my story in today’s contest. I begun to tell and already my time was up. From four contestants, I hoped I will be first, even if others told better, standing up.

I was voted last.

Concluded “contest is not my cup of tea” I decided no more contests for me. As for my “connect with storytelling” Project I got evaluated and the feedback was better then I deserved and got from judges.

A story is best in a limited time and place, and not going through long times and future changes. This speech, many stories in fact, will be interesting in an hour time, not in 5-7 minutes. I have never worked so much and perhaps, even so interesting then when I begun without pay, not as many hours.

From writing to learning about storytelling. From storytelling to discovering photography. From photography to discovery of audience and the joy of telling instead of writing. And then of comedy and it’s techniques and joy of making laugh.

Now, the joy when one after other I am told I helped toastmasters around the word win contests. Achieve Level one or a path. Helping others win is more for me then winning.

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