7 Mar 2019

Each approached it in different ways

One can see in the March Magazine article about Presentation Mastery path, that each person interviewed approached it in different ways, and had some preferred projects from which gained most.
Here is what Roger Fung, recent Pathways DTM said about the elective project Difficult Audience. (Note, this project is present in any path not only the Presentation Mastery)

I loved this Project too, also I did not learn so much as learned something from Standup already. But had fun with it, as the interruptions were really well organized and I had to find an instant "nice" answer each time. The Table Topics through the year, help too.

Each of us have different experiences, prior to arriving to a path, to toastmasters, and those experiences and our needs combined with our creativity, help us to go farther.

Zain, spoke about how he could use the blogging project, also in all Level 4 Electives, and how he sees the project helping him to build his brand.

For me, blogging again, gave me a goal in my life, a creative pleasure for every day.

And now, I have to daily blog, for some time. This one is one, the other is my blog with pictures. I just found a Toastmaster who volunteered to evaluate that new blog.

Lisa Wright, found yet an other elective helpful for her. Each of us, sees the paths, projects, from another angle.

Kaestner, already a professional speaker, gave himself a new challenge with this path. Add a presentation with each project. Incorporate graphics. Include pictures.

I try to include pictures also on all my stories from Motivational Strategies path. And as Kaestner, use and do all the projects of this path.

I found out today, looking at the Completed Paths, Levels and Projects, how one can find out, which Electives I completed in each Path: by clicking on the Completed Curriculum Name, the Transcript with all levels and projects appears.

We escape from it with "back" at the bottom.

From the before last column, one can see which Electives of my first path I did not even open, did not even Activate. Those I opened at least, are Launch. Before them there is another column, showing which those I looked at did I Complete. So it is stored somewhere for us, if we forget.

I did prepare more images from the interesting interview, but I do not want anyone to say, I copied it. Go and read it, it is worth.

Just do know, as I said two days ago, that the insert is true only for printed path, as the PM web as all the others, has a lot more Electives!

So this title is wrong!

Only true for Printed copy of the path, where all electives are selected for you.

In the new online THE NAVIGATOR, the projects Required is showed, and under it with a click, one can see all the Electives.
Here how you can see after the Description of the Specific Projects, for each of 11 path, and under each the details of the rest of the path.

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