10 Mar 2019

"Inspire" Project video, Engaging Humor L3

I have given an inspiring speech, using a real personal story from my recent life yesterday. Level 3 has the Inspiring Project as one of it's elective. But of course, as it was in the Engaging Humor path, I did try to make it as funny as I could, while still inspiring my audience. 

They where inspired by my message as well by the humor of it, I am sure many will take the path as soon as the can and / or try to speak with more humor. 

I begin to speak in this video at 1 minute (It is a 5 - 7 minute speech). Enjoy! At the end, at least, you will know, what means "Pardon my French", expression that many know, but not all, as I learned.

1 comment:

Marguerite said...

Excellent speech, Julie! What a treat that you included the video of it in your blog entry today!