11 Mar 2019

Annoying, as if there were...

While moderating the very interesting Pathways Discussion Forum, currently with over 8000 members, from time to time, but too often the same complaints arrive.

And often from the same max. dozen sources.

They are as annoying for me and seem as automatic also as the so called Robot calls.

All with the same general aim, complain about something, and using the name of “all” from Pathways.

None hurt me more, or let us say, annoy more then complaints about having to repeat the icebreaker again in a new path. I love to speak about myself and my passions.

There is so much more in my life that could not be told in four minutes!

At first three paths, I went into the moment, then into the times when I got to my first ever Toastmaster meeting, then the moment someone told me it is there where I could find... a man. Well, I am still looking for IT but I found my voice, the courage to stand up, and fall in love, instead, with my audience.

Another time, I told the story how I fall into photography. They refused me at a writer conference “your English is not good enough”; go rather to a photograph workshop. With the first street walks, I was in it. Even if fleetingly, it gave me the contact and joys I needed. I finished, showing one of my small printed photo book.

 In my last path, E. Humor, I told the stories how it happened to believe for 70 years I was not funny, and why I begun my first Standup comedy workshop.

In London club, ten years ago I went back to the time during WWII as I was 11 years old, and had to cross the wide Danube river in Budapest. “And the Ice did not Break!” So we survived.

There are more and more stories for different Icebreakers in me!

And for the rest of Level 1 ?

Tell a story, any subject and any style? Then, tell it again, improving on it, learning to give specific feedback as you needed? Never enough times to repeat that one! Even if some feedbacks received are off, many helped me improve and improve.

As did my research projects in new domains I felt I want to discover.

So hearing complaints about Level one repeated and trying not to answer, again and again, begins to make me angry. Sad. Annoyed.

Will that make the robots stop? Alas. Once they started, once they get some reactions, some agreements ev n from each other, alas, stopping is just as wishful as stopping annoying robot calls.

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