26 Mar 2019

So much depends how we look at it!

I have begun Pathways, 2 years ago, day by day, with a huge bomb. 

Did not know, it just was the day all the District 27 launched, and it was not because the Navigator! Let me admit now, for many weeks I did not go near the Navigator any more. 

The Assessment, did not bomb, when a few hours later, I tried again. Three path were proposed to me, the Visionary Communication, the Presentation Mastery, and... another. Thinking, my passion for Personal Storytelling which was my first vision, was just fulfilled by the Witty Storytellers Online club I created, and as, too many of us, "I do not want to learn about Leadership, I want mostly speak and tell stories, I choose first Presentation Mastery. First, Web based, later changed to Printed.

Alas, I also thought that I have to Print everything, the Navigator PDF, that I could download finally, a lot of pages, and the Projects. Well, I was at Icebreaker. But already, my family had enough to print for me and bring me the pages. In plus, we do not leave so near each other then we used to: they moved three times since we arrived in London. So, I decided, to transform my path in Manual Path, it was not yet past one month since I joined. I had to pay 45 dollars, but instead of PM I got my second choice, Visionary Communication. 

So I had from the very beginning two path. Good and bad choices. Good choice was to get a second, web based path! Bad choice was my manual path: a lot of special mixup, and I did not get my first two manuals till June! But I had Visionary Communication of web. 

I went to the Check Configuration, and did everything I was asked. Disabled my "popup blocker" in the Safari, I use, and added Java and Java Script as asked. So I prepared my computer as well as I could. And finally, I even did buy a printer. Wonderful HP printer working from afar, fast, nice print. Very expensive inks! Of course, at the beginning, they give it to you with the printer. 

All was well, till I did not find myself inside the Icebreaker, but did not know how to get out of it. Plus, whenever I opened a link, my computer (browser in fact) send me back to my path, not the level or Project I was. Learning how to use tabs instead window, took me a visit from my son. For him, it was evident. My life become easier after that. I was less angry at Base Camp, when I realized, so much in fact was my computer, my browser and later, Adobe doing, not coming from Toastmasters.

But arriving to Congratulations, thinking I finished, not knowing how to get out from it, was the USER Interface problem. Now, all project description finishes with "Answer the Auto assessment - After questions. But still there are some who do not know about it. I wrote yesterday, so I will not repeat here. Just let me add, that Matthew entered my computer in London from Toronto, to my surprise and fast showed me how to go through Before and then After Assessment Questions. He worked so fast, I had difficulty following, but finally I did understand: instead of continuing with the big arrow right, we have to use the Next Next as many times as they are round circles. Such a dum decision, to change ways to advance! And finish with this answers given instead of asking "Finished"? Yes / No.

I am impatient, but I am persistent. One project end is as the others, many things same. Plus, once I learned something, very soon I was the one to help others. All is well what finished well. Soon, after I learned the Pitfalls, I become the Expert, showing my pals how to. It is enough to know just a few things! 

Now I look back, and all problems seems small and forgotten, and just steps to be able to help others. It was, for me all two years ago! I finished 5 path since.

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