19 Mar 2019

Mentor or Manipulator?

We have mostly wonderful people in our Toastmasters Tribe. Helping each other, giving feedback the best they can, Coaching for a special event when needed, Mentoring longer.

Learn from many sources
I am preparing my 9th "Me as protégée" and just got the knowledge of a so called mentor, who in fact, manipulates all his protégées. Installs poison in them, instead of helping, pushing them to spread his twisted ideas and the inverse of love in each. 

I was very lucky with my Mentor, from first weeks, two years ago, continuing, whenever I needed. Alas, not all had similar luck. So be aware who do you choose as Mentor, whom you listen to, learn from. They can help you a lot. 

Some alas, will only push you at the end down by offering bad advices. Learn from many sources, be open to many. Then, listen and use your values to decide.

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