8 Mar 2019

Completed paths and tasks

I begun with the path that is on the bottom. 

I begun and finished first the Visionary Communication. I learned a lot, most of it a life lesson: wish for what depends on us. Begin to achieve it, step by step. Still on it! Making pathways known and easier to approach to those around me. "Around, is all over the globe".

Presentation Mastery first as Printed material but that one I archived and never finished Level 3 of it, then did buy the WEB path and did finish it on web. I could not get over that in the "Preselected" Projects, they did not clean the paragraphs where the other Elective projects that one can not see or reach when on Printed material, are recommended. 

Leadership Development was the fast I finished, and with most of joy, as it was parallel with Paul E White while we prepared in Collaboration the global Storytelling Festival. So many wonderful memories throughout that path, and many personal stories also to show how important stories are in our life. 

Effective Coaching, took the most of time, as after I begun it, left on "back burner" and took out slowly. Also, coaching online as I tried was not easy. And the High Performance Leadership project took energy and time, but I did succeed to have my club member begun Pathways, 90% - a year before our region (U) entered Pathways. 

Dynamic Leadership, taken because of its Negotiation project. I still find its video worst of all that I encountered, but the text helped me through my own negotiations, in "real life", well, even if my real life was inside a Toastmaster club with a VPE and a President, reluctant to give us time, later enough time to speak about Pathways before launch. At the end we got all the time needed, witch was even extended as many had questions.

My Pathways Guide Tasks where begun and finished later, as I was Guide, after finishing my Ambassador work in another District. In fact, the Ambassador and Guide task never finishes really, I am always ready as most of us are to offer help for whoever, wherever needs it. 

Those are the "finished" paths, always available when needed, but put together on another place or page then the ACTIVE Curriculum. Why on the earth they have been called Curriculum instead of PATH? 

I clicked on the name of the Path, instead of the launch, and got the "Transcript" details. In each levels, the Projects, in which I did not even Activate between the Electives, which I Activated, and those I did Complete. Interesting information. 
On the bottom is a button called Back that takes me back to the "normal" view of Paths. 

Another "view", without details, of what is achieved, can be seen in Badges, e-portofolio.

So far, through 10 Level 1 and 9 Level 2, and 8 Level 3 and the 5 Level 4 as the level 5 not seen, instead there is the name of the path and Proficient. I have "activated" other path and I am as can be seen on different level of them. Projects waiting to be achieved. Skills learned. 

The last one I "activated" is Engaging Humor I enjoy a lot, and already on Level 3... while the other paths wait now for taking them on, taking them back, later. 

Putting fun in each speech is not so easy after all either, but I enjoy the challenge. 
The last book between these Kindle books, "The obstacle is the way" says it all.

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