20 Mar 2019

Anniversary of gates opened

Elizabeth so happy with Pathways, soon finishing her second path.

In her blog, today she describes her pathways journey and all to whom she is greatful who helped her. 

Who spoke to her first, inviting her to a Panel Discussion. Whom helped her, before Pathways was available to our Districts, Region, to begin remote access, and encourage her through her journey. 

As you see, and a while ago already, she did buy herself a specially designed, her design, tee shirt.

She opened a blog, for her second Level 4, I do recommended already one, love her voice.

I found today, last year 20 March memories and how happy I was when finally, after almost a year going elsewhere we could access Pathways in our district. We waited, were told it will be afternoon, found it open early morning. Told to each other. 

Most did not get access till Pathways arrived in their region. As to me, I also become immediately Base Camp manager as I was Secretary. And Pathways Ambassador for ten clubs, I went to launch. 

Perhaps, I should visit all again, tell of the new stuff found, arrived since.

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