4 Mar 2019

Learning portraiture, melting in the background

After taking two photo classes of Paris, and people in Paris, I took a class, hold at the workshop leaders home / studio, of Portraiture.

One day, her friend come dressed all in black and the photographer teacher on a black background made us took photos. Here, she took yellow tulips in her hands. 

As you see, all we could see is her arms and fingers and the flowers.

Her face was there also in other pictures I took of her, but this is my preferred one. 

That is why I usually online choose a blue background with a blue tee-shirt, that shows off my face and arms only.
Yesterday, at online meeting, when I choose this background and shirt, the Ah counter / online presence person asked if it is voluntary what I do. Indeed, I almost "loose the rest of me" other then my face and my hair" and when I speak, I go a bit farther to show my arm and hands too.

This is exactly what I think that brings my smile, my expression the best on screen, my listening to speakers reaction.

Online, with Zoom, we are always "on" and our face seen. Yesterday, as I listened, one of "us" was eating and eating. It really disturbed me a lot! I am not sure, she realized how much. Even if you eat in a meeting in a club, it can disturbs, but when the face is there not hidden behind that of others, even more.

We had also a wonderful slide show presentation about the Educational Program, but when you show slides, the other toastmasters faces fade almost to give place to the slides. Here how the presentation begun. 
Alas, if I had to answer to that now, I would be a bit confused. I did begin a month ago the Engaging Humor path, and I am beginning soon level 3, but I am also on level 2 of Strategic Relationship that will have to wait now as I work full speed on Humor. Well, no more as fast as I begun. 

Alas, I also am hovering on three other path level 4, and I do not tell it to many. The Motivational Strategies path is normal, as it is the path where I do all electives on all levels. The Leadership Development in French, waited for an event I could organize, I did, was Contest Chair, but then I reread the project and realized I also have to speak about the experience and what I learned about it. At least that speech, that story, I will be able to tell with humor, as so many roadblocks come in our way. And happy that finally, almost all come out wonderfully. All well very motivated to go on, disregarding all the roadblock on their way. 

The only good part in this confusion, with too many path at the same time, is that what I learn from one project on a path, I can apply often to the project from the other path, too. And echo from two different times help me understand and learn better.

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