15 Mar 2019

Why not announce small improvements?

Yes, what does it mean Educational Transcript? For many toastmasters, nothing.
Now, under the Education Transcript, finally it is written "Access my Path

It is one step in the right direction. But why was this done so discretely?

Till someone from the Pathways discussion Forum did not point it out, I did not even observe it!

In fact, I hope, EDUCATION TRANSCRIPT is left there only for a while, then the tile title will become ACCESS MY PATH.

For me, it would be rather Access my Paths. 

Still to many path open, but at lest I have two paths I could close relatively soon. No harry to finish if it was not confusing. 

Having choices is great and difficult too.
That is what I get when I open it. Still the old title, but the Access your path and track your progress as subtitle. Was that there always or is it also new. What was there is the "select the Open Curriculum" button to access the projects on your path. What? Curriculum is also Path? or it is Projects? 

Anyway, before opening projects, we have to open the Path, then the Level, then one of the Projects. 

As for me, I just finished the project, Level 2 from Strategic Relationship, Cross Cultural Understanding. Now, I am preparing Connect with Storytelling, Level 3 Elective from all Paths, for me now from the E. Humor. 

For another path, I do know that I have to create a Panel. One was offered me to held, but only in May. What else? I am finishing the Lead in Any Situation, in yet another path, I lead yesterday a discussion, that may or not close the Project after more then six month of leading a team in one of my clubs. 

And the difficult project, creating one whole hour of podcast, podcasting regularly, then speaking about it and showing 5 minutes of it, fades for later. I begun then let it hang, wait. But already learned a lot of different ways to podcast, or even create them. Not the same thing as doing it regular times. 

But today, I will finish another, Create a Compelling Blog, as I created a new blog. Yes, only a few hundred (less then 200) looked at it, not 111,000+ like this one, or 500,000 an older blog of mine, but we have to begin to find our "voice". My days are busy. 

And it would be so nice to know from the source, when something is changed!

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