25 Mar 2019

Applies to my life Outside Toastmasters

Can we give the speech or make all the project outside toastmasters? outside the club? 

Already this screen, would answer to the intention of Toastmasters Pathways. Every project finishes with this screen we have to answer, in order to make sure the Base Camp understands that our Project if Finished. I do hope, you know by now. 

Of course, all questions that come before, sometimes only 3 more other times 6 more, have to be answered, in order that we can Save the answers and consider the project done. 

How many projects can we do "outside" Toastmasters? As many as we need or want. There is no more a limit of only 2 as it was before. Of course, still best to speak and tell the VPM so they know about them, but it does not have to be, also can be, a formal approval. 

We do not learn for the club, we grow for our own development. Enjoyment. As Adults.

And the learning does not go only in one direction! Sometimes, we do bring, what we learned to our clubs and club members, use what we learned outside toastmasters. 

As for me, at the beginning, I used a lot what I learned in my toastmasters clubs to go out and tell my stories on stage, and what I learned with audience interactions also helped me later in standup comedy. But then, I did bring what I learned to my club and area, and then even farther to offer free workshops. 

Many Toastmasters around me uses what learned to professional life, rehearse a speech or part of it that has to be given inside the Toastmasters club, others to learn English better, yet others to feel more connected. We personalize our projects, to our needs.

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