16 Mar 2019

Online, body language?

More then one Project treats with Online Presence, Online meeting and so, how we appear online, not only to local but also international audience alike. In our Online Clubs, we use Zoom Video Conferencing software where we can see audience or only the speaker.
You do not have to sit down, as I do most of the time, more and more, toastmasters find that they can stand up and speak.

When you stand up, more gestures can be made and seen.

At the beginning, we believed we have to show then all from us, but look here, this far is already enough. I looked at television too, they to same.
 He went a bit farther, still enough to show hand and arm gestures, and at the same time, see also the face and the rest.

You can also see, comparing the two, that contrast between the background and tee-shirt, helps to point out more the head and the arms the fingers.

We have to experiment.

More the one way. Most important, is to learn when which to use online. Or even when we speak to a room, how much take in the video we make.
As his expression is so strong, I want to see more of his face, and that I do not see all of his hands does not really mother.

He also used a very contrasting, different background. At the beginning, it attracts attention, but as he took me with his content, I forgot all but what he said. 

And the very varied expressions, that went so well with it.
As usual, and I do change my background but not often, I stay near my computer, my desk, write notes or show slides.

I did try to stand up, but showed all of me, and was too far. Of course, with a proper wireless clicker I my even change slides.

What I have to realize and experiment more, is the "proper" on standing but not too far going, to show just enough from myself so my expression would be still well seen. 

In plus, we have to remember, because of the wavelength, we have to move a bit slower. 
A beautiful background, and going farther can also work wonderfully
New Projects in the Pathways, lets us learn a lot, prepare for being taken video of, or to instruct others how too. "Modern skills, are important" - even for me, at soon 85.

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Unknown said...

Excellent explanation. Learning how to do body language on live video is a skill many members need to learn, even members who don't belong to online clubs.
I've attended club meetings where:
-- sitting in the back behind other members; those members blocked my few of any gesture below the chest area of the speaker.
-- where the functionaries give their role description or report from their seat without standing up, so you can see any gestures or body language,
-- members only use gestures down around their waist, and never up around their chest area.
-- members who do not belong to an online club, but regularly appear on company live video meetings - and exhibit poor experience with gestures on video.
Learning how to present on video is a unique skill you can learn even if you do not belong to an online club.
there is also a "Fear of being on Video" similar to "Having a Fear of Public speaking" - it's not due to privacy, but is also anxiety relative to making mistakes, or not being comfortable and confident about being on video.