5 Mar 2019

March Magazine arrived

Would you believe it?

I looked again and again, and finally, I understood.

There is a good article in the March magazine which I just got from by post.

It is about the Presentation Mastery path and how it helped a few Toastmasters on their road. How other, adopted it totally to their needs, how they liked different Projects and learned from them.


But do not look too to the picture published in the marge of the article.

Who did it? Who?

There are NOT the Projects of the Presentation Mastery!

There are the projects of the Printed Manual of PM only!!!

Of course, if you look well, at the Level 3 to Level 5 Projects, disregarding the first which is the SPECIFIC Required for all the Presentation Mastery paths, you can see clearly the so called "Limited Electives" that is NOT Elected by us but by Toastmasters International Team, one upon a time, two years ago, for ALL the Printed Paths.

Connect with Storytelling and Deliver Social Speeches, for Level 3
Question and Answer Session for Level 4
Moderate a Panel Discussion for Level 5

Required, but only in ALL the Printed Path!

I ask you: how come none of the Editors of the Magazine, none of the writer or contributors to the article (if they where shown it before publication) noticed it?

Going with the title which misses "Printed Path" of Presentation Mastery, it shows as if it were all the projects available to all those who choose Presentation Mastery path! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

All those choosing PM on web, have access to all the huge array of Elective Projects between which they can choose! As in any other path. Yes, they are not "specific" to PM but are there for us to choose. And Storytelling, Social Speeches, QA and Panel Moderation, are not specific to PM.

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