28 Mar 2019

End of fiscal year, how to pay?

Of course, most of clubs Treasurer did already pay for all its members who renewed : the possibility opened towards middle January. Some committee members paid for themselves, as the possibility to pay for ourselves, even it was voted in August, did not yet open for all members.

All is "simple" when we know how to. And yes, there are also explained, animated help now. But how all begins? One has to be logged in.  Then Choose Leadership Central.
After login, as club officer, one can to through Leadership Central, --> to Club Central. 

Then open the club, you want to pay for. I am in three club committees, so first I have to choose for which club I want to pay.

Before payment, I usually verify for the last time the Club Roster. It can be sorted by payment. All who paid will then be together, and all who did not together. Of course, TMI also sends at the end a letter of payment processed to you, relatively soon, in a few minutes after the payment is processed.

After going back, I decide for whom I want to pay now, and open the Submit Payment.
From all whose payment was not yet submitted till September (this time) as six month we pay at a time, I did chose a member who already paid for the club and for whom I want to pay this time. His name comes down (or many others too if we pay for many) in the Membership Cart. Then I have to click to Continue to payment submission and verify and add the payment details from my card.
After entering all the Credit Card details, that I do not show you filled up, for obvious reasons here.
A last verification of one or all payments (eventually the total if more then one) and going back to Roster to verify: the member for whom we paid is already changed in the club roaster! Date 6 month more.

Seems easy to me, as I have done it many times for many in September last year, this year for myself, and now to demonstrate. For all who need to understand. Must have skipped a step of two, but the proceeder is clear. What I did not remember, that one has to go down the window, to see the payment after we asked.

So many important things we can see in the Club Roster beside payments. Also all who are already "in" Pathways having at least chosen a Path and who did not.

This club, all committee members, all new members, and some of the seasoned members are "in" and we have more "in pathways" then those not yet, in my advanced online club we are 100% on pathways, even if some are finishing roles to get "all in Pathways DTM" or "their first not yet pathways DTM".

Today, at Witty Storytellers Online, we had a CC speech, it was given by a very good DTM speaker, and a Embracing Humor Level 4 required, answering to two last minute chosen Table Topics, in a very creative way.

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